Travel Log Research Project


Learners will create an imaginary primary source by putting forth a travel journal (Travel log) of a real or imagined historical figure from a period, region, and culture studied during this course to assess students’ ability to describe the cultural significance of and finite era of Western Civilizations.


Students will create a travel journal about a real or imagined historical figure's travels around one of the cultures or societies studied in the course and write about the sites and events visited. The journal must be presented in a publicly accessible digital format such as a website, blog, or storyboard.

Important: Travel Logs created using Word or PowerPoint will not be accepted for grading. See media options below.


Project proposal
1.  Students must submit a 150-200 word proposal in the first third of the course (see schedule)

Annotated bibliography
2.  Students must submit an annotated bibliography in the last third of the course (see schedule)

Final submission
3.    Research:
        Students must use at least 10 sources (5 primary, 5 secondary) to research how the sites were  used by the societies,         what events took place at these locations, and the significance of these events and monuments for the culture visited.

                        Please contact a NOVA librarian if you have questions on locating sources.

4.   Subject/Character:
        The Travel Journal must be a first hand account from the perspective of a real or imagined person             living in the historical period.

5.   Content Requirements
        The project must address a
minimum of 5 sites and/or events from a single culture or society.

        Descriptions of the 5 sites or events must be 300-400 words for each site or event presented. The descriptions should         accurately demonstrate the cultural achievements and significance of the society studied and presented.

6.   Format/Submission
        The Travel journal with accompanying images (properly labeled and cited) must be presented on a publicly                             accessible digital platform of their choice such as:        

                  -Each site/event must be on a separate web-page or entry.                   
: Whatever format you use is made publicly accessible or the instructor will not be able to access and grade it.  Do not make it                                     private or require a password for access. Some sites, such as Wix, require you to “publish” your site to be viewed.
                                             (Remember to “publish” after all of your edits, no matter how minor.)

                  -To use a different site or application, please get approval from the instructor.

7 Bibliography
A Bibliography (using Chicago Style Citations) must be included.

        NOTE: A Bibliography, unlike a "Work Cited page" includes all sources used, including the images.