Hist. 102 = Modern Western Civilization

Paper 1- Argumentative Essay on Absolutism and Constitutionalism


Question:  Was Absolutism or Constitutionalism the better system for Early Modern Europe? 



After doing this assignment you will have a clear idea of the role of Absolutism and the ideology that created it in the early modern era, as well as the complexity of shifting  ideals, cultural understanding, and social political thinking during this age.


After doing this assignment you should be able to:



  1. Read the The Prince by Machiavelli.
  2. Read all the textbook readings through the The Rise of Nation States & Enlightened Despots
  3. Write an argumentative essay of no more than 700 words that answers the following question:


The great debate of the Early Modern political world was what type of Monarchical system was superior.  Using The Prince and any other helpful material: Was Absolutism or Constitutionalism the better system for the time?  Why or Why not?

(You may take any stance you want, but your argument must be original and well proven.)




Submission instructions/Requirements (Failure to follow any of these will result in grade deductions)

-Submit paper as an attachment in the assignment box of Canvas before the due date and time.

-Must be in one of the following formats:    doc, docx, or pdf

-You must  use Footnotes for all information except that which comes from your own mind.

            + http://libguides.nvcc.edu/ChicagoTurabian

-Most follow the formatting outlined on the syllabus and Kinch’s Writing Guide.



You will be assessed on your ability to analyze the historical era to develop, set forth, and prove your argument using primary and secondary sources effectively.