Kinch Course = Group Video Research Project

 Your job is to dig a little deeper into one specific topic of history during the time period your group is assigned and teach the class about it, so that we as a group may better sort out that era of history.

  Here are the details:

 v  You will work with your assigned group and produce a 4-5 minute video presentation (Video lengths outside this assigned length will lose credit.)

 1.      Choose a topic from the time period/chapter your group is assigned.

2.      Submit that topic to Kinch for approval at least 2 weeks before the due date.

3.      Each member of the Group must submit the video link and Work Cited page as a Word doc. to BB at least 24 hrs. before the start of class in which the group is assigned.

§  Failure to meet the above deadlines will result in a grade deduction.

 v  Presentations need to be submitted as an active Youtube weblink .  (Technical failures are not valid excuses so plan ahead accordingly.)

 v  You will be graded on your collaboration with your partners, the accuracy of the information, and the delivery of your presentation.

 v  Your GOAL:   Examine and explain to the class/audience the event or movement and the significance of it.  Why was this important? (Your presentation should answer this question.)

 v  You may use any editing and graphic software you have available, but a “single take” video is an acceptable submission if done well.

 v  Cite your sources

v  To get credit = 1 student in the group  must submit on CANVAS  the video link and work cited on a Word doc.

You need to submit a list of your sources as a work cited page as part of your submission. (Failure to do so will result in you loosing credit.)


Examples of previous videos click here