Kinch Course = Primary Source Evaluation and Discussion Lead

The Primary Source Evaluation assignment consists of historically questioning and evaluating an array of historical primary sources and presenting your findings in class.  You will be in charge of leading the class discussion that day, focusing on the documents and your findings.  Everyone will be required to participate in those discussions.

40-50 minutes total:

10 min. - Present Documents
                The evaluation should consist of the following concepts and questions.  Use them as a guide in your attempt to analyze the documents’                     meanings and historical context. 

·         Who crafted the document?

·         What is the document?

·          Why was the document crafted?

·         Who or what was the intended audience?

·         How does the document fit within the period?

 20 min. - Discussion Lead (Breakout Rooms):                   "What does it tell us?"
            Each member of the group will lead a segment of the discussion and must:
  -Read the primary sources multiple times.
                         -Complete all the associated textbook and other helpful readings for context.
                         -Compose at least 5 questions on the documents and be ready to both ask and answer them.
                                    =Questions should be probing and help understand the historical time period.                    
Documents should be divided up evenly among members of the group.
                                -Feel free to us either Breakout Groups or a full class discussion.

  10 min. - Wrap Up:
                    Each Member of the group will then present their Breakout Room's insight and/or sum up the important points to the rest of the class.

   -Failure to attend class on the day of your presentation because of an unexcused absence will result in a zero for the assignment.