Kinch Course = Primary Source Evaluation

The Primary Source Evaluation assignment consists of historically questioning and evaluating an array of historical primary sources and presenting your findings in class.  You will be in charge of leading the class discussion that day, focusing on the documents and your findings.  Everyone will be required to participate in those discussions.

1- Present Document:
                The evaluation should consist of the following concepts and questions.  Use them as a guide in your attempt to analyze the documents’                     meanings and historical context. 

·         Who crafted the document?

·         What is the document?

·          Why was the document crafted?

·         Who or what was the intended audience?

·         How does the document fit within the period?

 2- Lead discussion/Activity:                   "What does it tell us?"

        This is where you run the show.  Feel free to use GROUPS/ GAMES/ Q&A/ DEBATE/
           -You well be evaluated on how much  in depth analysis is done on the subject and the document!

             -Each student, however, is required to lead a segment of the analysis and present his or her own knowledge of the sources.

             -Failure to attend class on the day of your presentation because of an unexcused absence will result in a zero for the assignment.


++ When not presenting, you should still use the above questions to guide your analysis and prepare to answer the discussion questions.  Failure to participate in the discussions will hurt your grade.

++A sub-par class discussion concerning the primary source documents will result in these assignments becoming written exercises for that particular week's discussion, as well as the next week.  ALL students except those presenting will then be required to submit a typed page of historical analysis addressing the questions above for EACH primary source document.  This is your only warning.